Tips for that Perfect Wedding

Your wedding has got to be one of the best moments of your life, and in order to make it perfect it has to be properly planned. Of course a lot of opinions will pop in which can make you go haywire. There are a lot of steps available online for planning a perfect wedding; mine is no different, except that I prefer keeping away from all the frills. After all, marriage is but the first step in a long journey, and what is important is the rest of the journey. But while you’re at it, try to make your wedding the best you can! So moving down to some appropriate steps for that perfect wedding, here’s some tips:

1st: The budget has to be set. I have tapped the realistic aspect foremost because it is going to support the whole planning and decision from the beginning till the end. This should be followed by the preparation of the guest list. The who’s who has to be kept in mind as you don’t want to hurt anyone because of a petty mistake on your wonderful day.

2nd: It all starts in the venue and ends in it as well. It can be a palace under a sparkling roof, or it can be beneath the sky under the scintillating stars, choice is all yours. The decorations are then followed accordingly. Most of the wedding venues nowadays are built near a water body like a small lake, because the reflections from water are quite unmatchable.

fruit cakes for wedding3rd: The food. Bernard Shaw has rightly said that, “There is no love sincerer then the love of food”. If you want your wedding to be classy, then your significant focus must be on the food. Varieties are important, but it has to be well maintained, and the people must taste and enjoy every bit of what is served to them. Drinks play an important role and that section needs to be organized in a much more extravagant way.

4th: It is very important to communicate the finalized dates for all the functions related to the wedding, and the wedding day must be decided in keeping with the flexibility of the family members of either sides to attend the wedding. This can be crucial and with proper discussions a date that involves all of them must be targeted. Because a moment shared with one turns out to give a thousand more.

5th: Keeping a note of every work and being organized is always better. It gives a clear picture of how everything is going on and keeps confusion at bay. It is your wedding and those who say keep calm and relax, are unable to comprehend the excitement level of the couple. It is a big day for you and your partner, so it is good to get exhausted a little. The wonderful wedding that goes well later on will be worth all the trouble.

holding hands in marriage

Holding a wonderful wedding requires planning and preparation.

6th: Looks has to be on the top, and it only gets finer with the attire you select. This is one area where a suggestion from someone who comprehends you well is required. The options are many, like your mother, your partner, your friends and you yourself, as you know what suits you the best. Many couples also decide what others are going to wear on the wedding day just to add a sense of oneness among all.

7th: Memories are what we create every moment, so think about it — your wedding day will be filled with gorgeous memories, and in order relive them, they have to be captured. Professional photographers have to be appointed to capture every moment with utmost precision and realness. Their artistic touch will bring out the vibrancy from the first moments in the form of photos and recordings.

A wedding is a gift of the divine, it is the merging of two souls and it cannot be perfect without the blessings of all the well-wishers. That is worth keeping in mind. Every individual waits for this day and plans it to be picture perfect in his or her own way. This is a wonderful part of life; celebrate it the very best you want and keep the happiness of your dear ones in mind, because in their happiness lies yours. Planning a wonderful wedding requires some quality time to be spent on discussion and selection of the best from the best, keeping all aspects in mind.

Here’s to wishing your wedding to be one of the brightest moments in your life. And have a happy married life! God bless.