Ways To Keep The Kids Included In Your Guest Favors

If your wedding is family friendly, there are bound to be children attending your reception. Adult gifts aren’t always appropriate or affordable. Have you considered that the kids that the adults bring along might get a little bored? So we’ve got some treat ideas to keep the kids included, and to have just as much as you and the other adults on your big day.

Gift Bag or Box Treats

kids boxesNothing says “thanks for coming to my wedding” like a little treat bag just for the kids. We offer a variety of gift paper bags and boxes at wholesale prices. Simply purchase and fill with your favorite items from variety and discount stores. Include crayons, candies, gummy snacks, a drink, a drawing pad, sparklers, mini-lego packs, fun games, anything that might keep them happy and entertained for the day.

Game Tent

Give the kids a little getaway from the adults with their own retreat. A sweet teepee style tent or camping tent can often work. Simply put some crayons and color books inside with a few blankets and pillows. You can also include little personal gift boxes with crayons and coloring pads, mini versions of popular kids games and/or craft supplies to keep them busy throughout the reception. Hiring a babysitter for an hour to keep them occupied and playing isn’t a bad idea either. And the adults will thank you for being so thoughtful!

Cool Little Kid Friendly Keepsakes

You don’t have to go all out when it comes to the little ones. You can still gift them something nice to take home with Mom and Dad. They’ll cherish your wedding day just as much with a little ‘thank you’. Check out these adorable rubber ducky soaps. Nothing quite like adding fun to bath-time at home to remember your big day – and maybe after that, they will talk about it every time they see you!