DIY Decor For The Budgeting Couple

Decor doesn’t have to be astronomical when it comes to your wedding reception. You can turn wholesale wedding gift favors into sweet essences of decor without breaking the bank. Check out some of our great ideas:

Create Adorable Special Touches

Sometimes it’s all about the special touches you can add to your wedding reception that makes it pop and sparkle. One of the cutest ways to decorate reception tables is to include personalized salt and pepper shakes. These fun guest favors will also be a great conversation starter for your guests in case not all of them are acquainted. Mr. & Mrs. Salt & Pepper Shakers should do the trick!

Give Your Guests Some Games

Nothing against you, but sometimes guests get shuffled by the wayside when the bride and groom are taking photos or waiting on food to be served. Why not help your guests to pass the time constructively?

Grab some beautiful metallic gift tins and fill them with a deck of playing cards, travel Scrabble or Yahtzee, pencils and paper to play hangman—well, anything that will help them pass the time away as a group on a fun note. Place a box on each reception table with a set of instructions and watch the fun begin.

aluminum gift tin

Forget The Flowers and DIY Your Centerpieces

Sometimes flowers just aren’t very budget-friendly. Instead of using flowers on every table, check out some sweet DIY options. Like these adorable gold heart shaped favor boxes, that will look perfect beside metallic table numbers. You can even fill it with a small gift for each guest at the table for a little-added surprise element at the reception. Alternatively, place their send-off line items like bird seed, bubbles or sparklers in the box with instructions to open the box from the DJ when the night comes to an end.

heart shaped cardboard favor box

At the end of the day, décor style gifts are also things that last a long (and I mean very long) time, and if you want your guests to remember your wedding day with fondness, nothing really beats these décor style wedding gifts!