Wedding Gift Ideas for the Couple

Thoughtful wedding gifts can deliver wishes that will be fondly remembered by the bride and groom. Although choosing the perfect present might not be easy, knowing how to pick the right present will ensure that your gift would be appreciated by the couple. Below are some ideas to help you out with your wedding present hunt.


Heirloom quality unity candles can be given, that includes hand-printed, hand-polished, and a unity candle stand for the wedding ceremony. The candles may be personalized with the names of the bride and groom and that date in which they are getting married. Lighting of unity candles are popular since it serves as an addition to the traditional wedding ceremony. It symbolizes the union of two individuals, who are becoming one in commitment to each other.


This is a very thoughtful gift. It may come white and usually filled with wedding shower games, wedding bells, candles, a champagne bottle candle, and/or an exclusive shower treat.


gift basket

A spa gift basket is a gorgeous gift that is mostly delivered to the bride; it helps her sit any stress away for her big day. Inside the spa gift basket the bride will discover bath gel, a pair of ultra soft slippers, special revitalizing body lotion, nails and toes bristle brush, soft towels mostly for hands and the face, and a comfy pillow.


Mostly they are hand printed in a very elegant font; these toasting glasses can be used over and over during anniversaries or displayed as a keepsake for decades to come. This attractive, personalized toasting glass set complements any given wedding celebration.


This is an attractive keepsake box that the newlyweds can keep their wedding treasures safe and sound with. It’s big enough for their artifacts, jewelry, lovely photos and any other special items.



This cloth lined white basket is another great wedding shower gift which often comes with classic cocktail, croissants, English-muffin breakfast pizza, Belgian waffles, French cookies, European chocolate and cappuccino rolled cookies.


The bride and groom would love to own an embosser with their last names and address in it, so that they can personalize gift tags and other wonderful items with an establishment of their status as a married couple.


gift dvd

You can take the couple’s favorite spots; mix it together with a slide show of their childhood and teenage pictures. The presentation may also include a DVD collection of their favorite movies and songs during college days or a bottle of their favorite drink. Turn it into a video presentation and burn it in a sturdy DVD for the couple to enjoy watching, laughing over, and reminiscing for the many years to come.


If you are talented in the painting, sketching, or digital art department, then one can make use of that and create an original piece of art for the couple. First know their taste before painting. Frame it to make it extra special.


One can send their best wishes to a newlywed couple with an elegant wedding gift basket filled with delicious treats and items that can be used for the celebration. Inside the beautiful basket, you can present a white rose flower and two love birds, a gourmet snack for two, a bottle of sparkling champagne, two champagne glasses, and candles.


These ideas are perfect for newly married couples. How about a romantic dinner for two, or getting a chance to drive a vintage car together, a hot balloon ride, a scenic biplane ride for two, or a deep, relaxing massage? They are usually given in the form of gift certificates.


This is a wonderful gift for newlyweds to capture the joy of their wedding. The couple will fill it with memories from their wedding day, subsequent honeymoon, and also their first year together. The time capsule is mostly opened on special anniversaries to share the excitement of that special day.


If the married couple is not the adventurous type but has other hobbies, then consider giving the gift of subscriptions. Subscriptions can be as simple as a one year paid subscription to their favorite magazine, or clubs such as a member’s only exclusive club for wine-tasting or travel.

Hopefully, you, the reader, finds all these creative suggestions above useful, and all the best in getting the bride and groom a wedding gift that they will treasure for a long time to come!