Bamboo Chopsticks Wedding Gift Set


A pair of high quality bamboo chopsticks as wedding gift set complete with jacket.

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Bamboo Chopsticks Wedding Gift Set

Here is a nice wedding gift for your friends, guests, or yourself – A pair of very light bamboo chopsticks which you can also use as cutlery to have your meals with!

These chopstick series comes in a convenient packaging jacket in 2 different colors – red/orange. The chopsticks feature pretty but at the same time, durable artwork of butterflies emblazoned into the wood. Their fabric packaging jacket is also decorated with artwork, and looks very nice.

Features and Specifications:

  • Chopstick length = Approx 24 cm
  • Packaging jacket length = Approx 19.5 cm
  • Package weight (with chopstick pair) = Approx 20 g
  • Ideal gift for weddings or celebrations (like Chinese New Year)
  • Can even be used as normal dining cutlery
  • This item is sold per 100 units minimum order.

Price: RM 2.50 per piece/unit (360 units minimum). For bulk purchases above 500 units, we offer better pricing. Please contact us.

yellow bamboo chopsticks wedding gift set

bamboo chopsticks wedding gift set

bamboo chopsticks wedding gift set

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