Mini Foldable Paper Bag (2 colors)


A very small sized paper bag that comes in two colors (blue and purple). Suitable as a wedding/door gift.

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Mini Foldable Paper Bag (2 colors)

Small is in, and these mini sized paper bags are indeed small and cute! These paper bags come in 2 types of colors (blue and purple). You can hide trinkets or sweets, or anything very small in them and then distribute them as gifts! These mini paper bags are ideal as wedding gifts/favors, birthday parties, or door gifts.

Features and Specifications:

  • Choose from two different colors, namely Blue or Purple.
  • Ships in packs of 25 units/pieces in an unfolded, flat state
  • Each bag has a cloth handle and a foldable cover that can be fastened together with tape
  • Width approx. 7 cm
  • Height/Length approx. 11 cm
  • Weight of each paper bag approx. 15 g

Price: RM 0.50 per piece/unit (100 pieces minimum). For bulk purchases above 500 pieces, we offer better pricing. Please contact us.

mini foldable paper bag

blue mini foldable paper bag

purple mini foldable paper bag

Additional information

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 11 × 7 cm

Sky Blue, Light Purple